A)      God is universal Spirit the ALL Being


All force, all substance, all phenomena, all life, all mind are manifestations of the universal spirit, GOD.

The universe is founded and subsists upon wise, undeviating law, order and purpose.

Spiritualism is therefore the Science, Philosophy and Religion of life and all things.


The science, philosophy and religion of Spiritualism are based upon the following proven fact, ascertaining through what is called the exercise of Mediumship and scientific research, via:


B)     The continuity of human personality (self) after the change called death,

Every individual carrying unchanged into the spirit world, memory and his/her own characteristics.

That man/woman is a spirit now with a soul or spirit body clothed in a fresh-body from which it separates at death.

The communion between incarnate and discarnate spirits, the close interrelationships of all the spheres or conditions,

The guidance and guardianship of spirit people (angels),

The efficacy of prayer,

The continuity of revelation.


From the above is discovered the following truths:


Personal responsibility with compensation by natural laws for all the good, and retribution (a natural process of purification) for the deliberate evil done here,


A path of eternal advancement open to every human soul that wills to tread it by the path of eternal good.


That love, with all that it implies ( e.g., willing service) , is the greatest thing in the world.

It is the principle law of the universe, as taught by the ever-living Master Jesus and other world teachers.


Hence we proclaim:

The fatherhood/motherhood of god and a practical brother/sisterhood of man and woman kind